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  • Want to hone your communication skills?
  • Do you want it to feel safer and easier to have difficult conversations?
  • Do you want to be a better listener and also ensure you are listened to?

Communication, especially around difficult topics, is challenging for most of us. Yet, relationship research consistently shows that healthy communication is a key characteristic of thriving, connected relationships. So if you are serious about creating and nurturing your relationships for the long-term, building and honing your communication skills is a great place to focus!

Through taking this workshop you will:

  • Build on your framework and skills for open and honest communication, even around difficult topics.
  • Create ‘rules of engagement’ for your communication and set yourself and your partner up for communication success.
  • Learn the ingredients for creating a ‘safe space’ for difficult conversations so you don’t avoid important topics and become disconnected.
  • Identify barriers that may get in the way of developing healthy communication and conflict management such as conflict avoidance and being a ‘lie invitee.’

This is NOT the right workshop for you if:

  • You are fighting regularly and fights tend to escalate (verbally or physically attacking).
  • You don’t feel confident about being able to discuss communication without fighting.
  • There are active substance-abuse issues within your relationship.

This workshop is educational and not meant as therapy. If you are experiencing any of the above I would recommend seeking couples counselling to get individual support for yourselves and your relationship. Please feel free to contact me if you would like some counsellor recommendations.

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