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Jill Koehler, MA, RCC, FOT
Registered Clinical Counsellor
Focusing Oriented Therapist

Our Story

We spend so many years of our lives gaining education for our careers and hobbies, yet few of us get much opportunity to learn about ourselves. How to build self-awareness, self-compassion and communication skills? How to build healthy connection with ourselves and others?

Working as a counsellor and educator since 2010, I’ve had the opportunity of helping individuals to develop many of these skills and shift their experience. Individual counselling is not possible for all of us either due to cost, location or comfort. Offering courses online makes learning so much more accessible.

I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor and Focusing-Oriented Therapist. I work with people location-independently via Zoom Video or in-person in my Squamish office. I specialize in counselling for stress & anxiety, communication, relationships, nervous system regulation, trauma, and critical incidents, along with other areas.

In addition to working as a psychotherapist, I am a trained yoga instructor. I practice yoga regularly and am an advocate for the transformative journey of yoga and other contemplative practices. I am also a volunteer with Squamish Search and Rescue and provide Critical Incident Debriefing and Psychological First Aid.

What Participants Have to Say

[Level Up Your Relationship] So glad we took this course. It helped being guided through these conversations! We will definitely be revisiting this material over time!
Michelle J
Vancouver, BC
[Level Up Your Relationship] I thought my partner and I discussed a lot of things! Who knew there were so many more areas for us to look at! Love the tools and exercises.
John M
North Vancouver, BC
[Level Up Your Relationship] Crazy that we don't get taught these things! Really glad my partner suggested we take this course. I feel like it has helped us to understand each other better!
Toronto, ON
[Level Up Your Relationship] The assessment was a bit long, but it did help us see our similarities and differences more clearly and we got ideas and tools we can use.
Mike D
Sydney, Australia

Building connection with
yourself + others