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What are you willing to explore if it means being in a more loving, connected relationship with yourself and others?

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Level Up Your Relationship

The eleven conversations all couples should have, to level up their relationships. Join us today and start talking!

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Conscious Communication

WAIT LIST! Want to learn the key skills associated with healthy communication? Join today and level up your communication.

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Mapping your Inner Landscape

We do all sorts of learning through out lives. We learn our ABCs in school, we learn professional skills, we learn hobbies and sports. But few of us learn to create conscious connections with ourselves and with others.
In order to connect with others, we also need to know ourselves.
Learn the experiential skills to create conscious connection.

Jill Koehler, MA, RCC, FOT
Focusing-Oriented Therapist

No need to stay stuck in patterns that aren’t working. Learn new skills and perspectives and create more conscious connection.

Life is busy! Let us meet you where you are. Location-independent learning that is flexible to your schedule. 

Your time is precious and we are passionate about supporting your growth as an individual and helping you build the relationship you want with yourself and others. Our courses are based on current research from the experts in the fields of mindfulness, Focusing, relationship and communication. 

What Our Students Have to Say

So glad we took this course [Level Up Your Relationship]. It helped being guided through these conversations! We will definitely be revisiting this material over time!
Michelle J
Vancouver, BC
I thought my partner and I discussed a lot of things! Who knew there were so many more areas for us to look at! Love the tools and exercises.
John M
North Vancouver, BC
Crazy that we don't get taught these things! Really glad my partner suggested we take this course. I feel like it has helped us to understand each other better!
Toronto, ON
Liked the Prepare-Enrich Assessment. It was a bit long, but it did help us see our similarities and differences more clearly and we got ideas and tools we can use.
Mike D
Sydney, Australia

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